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The competition in the Virtual World has been continuously growing. People across the globe are starting a career in this industry. In most cases, a winning portfolio of a virtual assistant can help leverage one’s qualification to land a job. The demand for people to work remotely has increased over the past year. It is projected to grow even more over the succeeding years. According to experts, the virtual assistant market is expected to increase soon. It is expected to have a compound annual Growth rate of ~11.6 percent between 2017 and 2021.

As this is the case, job seekers are becoming more adept at developing and mastering skills that make them qualified. You must also keep in mind that there are Virtual Assistants out there who would compete for work. On one of the articles we have posted recently, we have discussed the steps on how one should prepare for an interview.

On this article, we have outlined the tips and tricks on how you can create a winning portfolio. Let’s get started!

Create an Eye-Catching Portfolio.

A professionally designed portfolio reflects your true potential. It also speaks of what you can offer to your clients. Usage of italics, bold, and all-caps should only be used for emphasis of an experience or a relevant skill. Choose a modern style font that looks good both on a screen and on a sheet of paper. You can also do a test-print before you send it off to employers. Certainly, the key to an eye-catching portfolio is the design that sets it apart from every other resume out there.

A Winning Portfolio Of A Virtual Assistant Is About You.

Clients will look at your portfolio. They will also evaluate what you are capable of doing based on the credentials you have. Your portfolio must be clear with the services you offer to your clients.

Details like the below can also help you market yourself.

Work Experience

It should include your most relevant working experience in your portfolio. Enlist your work experience section according to dates of your employment. After that, write a short, detailed description of the tasks you are responsible for. You can also highlight your achievements to show you are the right person for the job. Position yourself as the hiring manager assessing whether you can deliver meaningful results and drive the business towards success.

Soft Skills or Professional Skills

Some hiring managers are looking for people who have qualified working experience. Nonetheless, there are managers who look for people who can offer more. Hiring managers are looking more for candidates having soft skills that can be used to manage people. This also includes skills like creative thinking, networking, decision making, time management, flexibility, critical thinking, and conflict resolution.

We know how excited you must be in landing that first job. Let us help you even more and get you moving towards your goal. You can click on the “Apply Now” button on the right uppermost part of this page and jump-start your career with us!


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