The Benefits Of Working From Home

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I’ve been in the BPO industry for about 4 to 5 years. At some point, I was wondering, is it possible if I could just get this done at home? Can I just take home my desktop computer from the office and set up all the tools that I need for work? Can I just work at home? There’s a lot of questions that pops into my mind. Like, can I just take those calls even I’m just at home?

After years of being in the Contact Centre industry, I finally found the answer to all my mind-boggling questions. And now, I am working at home and I can say, I am really blessed to have this kind of job. This is an answered prayer to my questions I stated above. In order for me to do my tasks, I just need a personal computer, a stable internet connection, and a productive bedroom-turned-office. No need to think of what clothes to put on. No need to commute daily.

Now, I’ll be sharing with you some of the benefits I get to have from working from home and I can assure you, that you would love it too.


Work-Life Balance

I know all of you will agree if I say that “spending more time with our family” is the most beneficial thing or reason for most of the Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, VA, Self-employed individuals or any term that would refer to a person works at home. It’s time to spend more quality time to them now that I can be with them always because I was not able to do it when I was still in the corporate world.

Traffic No More

When I was still working in BPO, it already eats up 4 hours of my day. 2 hours time allowance just to get to the office and 2 hours of travel time on my way home. Excluding the traffic, if any. When I started working at home, I can spend those 4 hours on more important things. I can waste less time and money on commuting.

Environmentally Friendly

All office-type working environment has work pressure. That’s why working from home is very beneficial to those people who cannot handle pressure and yet want to be more productive. Fewer distractions and less stress So they can focus more on their tasks.

There’s a lot of perks, indeed, working at home. Don’t just simply consider these benefits because it seems to look easy and promising. It still requires hard work. You have to be disciplined, and efficient in every task you do. But if you would really transition to growing world of Freelancing, do it because you want to and you’d love to. Be as passionate as you work from home.

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