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Marketing virtual assistants can often be tasked to market a brand on different social media platforms. Sometimes the decision of which platforms to focus on can also be part of the job. To help you with that, we’ve prepared a list of the leading social media platforms you can use to market your client’s brand.




We all know how Facebook works. As a marketer, you’ll also have so many options to promote your brand on Facebook. You can set up a business profile. Through that, you can run ad campaigns, have a digital shop, and engage with your customers for concerns and inquiries. 

You can also find communities and groups to join so you can be more in tune with your audience. Find out their problems so you can always highlight how your brand solves those. Emulate how they communicate so your content can be more relatable. Facebook is a great opportunity to provide a touchpoint for your customers if they’re habitual social media users, or if your client does not run a website.




Instagram is more of a visual channel for your audiences. Here you can build a visually appealing portfolio for your brand. Post regular updates that appeal to a more visual audience.

Instagram lets you post photos, videos, carousels, and stories to stay connected with your audience. Create 15-second videos for quick updates via Reels. If you’re making longer content, IGTV is the way to go. Stories can also give your followers real-time updates on your freshest content. Instagram is a great option if your product or service appeals to a visual-oriented customer base who enjoy regular updates from the brands they follow. Popular Instagram brands are usually in the fashion and design industry, but anyone with great quality visual content can excel in Instagram marketing.




Twitter is a popular micro-blogging platform. You can use it to post social media updates that are more text-based. They allow photo and video updates too so don’t forget to share your visual updates here. The Spaces feature can also be used to hold a virtual conversation with your followers.

Twitter is commonly used by companies to provide real-time customer service and engagement with customers who mention their products or services. You can use this to find out what people are saying about your brand or competitors. Twitter is also known for discovering current events through trending topics, and for sharing links. Unlike other platforms, sharing outbound links on Twitter doesn’t hurt your reach. The focus on current events also makes it a great option for real-time updates as user behavior on Twitter is fleeting compared to other platforms.




YouTube is a video publishing platform we all know and love. Here, you can publish longer video productions that offer valuable information about your company. When using YouTube for social media marketing, always remember to keep your content interesting to your audience and optimized for search engines. Keeping things interesting and informative increases the likelihood of viewers engaging with your content. This informs them about the brand you are promoting and the value they offer. That’s part of growing a brand through social marketing. 

Optimizing your video for search engines also increases the traffic to your channel. This means more people will be introduced to your brand. That’s a goal you want to hit if you’re trying to grow a brand through YouTube. Use the right keywords and hashtags on your video descriptions to do this. Try using Vid IQ, Tubebuddy and Morningfame to help you improve your marketing game on YouTube.

YouTube videos can be embedded and published to different social and blogging platforms, too. Remember to share your YouTube videos so more people can find out about the product and value that you are promoting.




LinkedIn is an amazing platform for marketing a brand. LinkedIn users have twice the purchasing power compared to the average person on the internet. If you execute your brand properly on LinkedIn, it can become a huge source of value for your client’s business. In this platform, you will find people looking for solutions to individual and company-wide problems. That’s a demand that marketers would want to be engaged with all the time.

Use LinkedIn to create meaningful connections that can increase your brand awareness. Engage with industry influencers and create content that informs others about your product or service’s value. LinkedIn’s search engine allows you to filter users very specifically so use that to find the right people who will support your brand’s growth. Because of its background for professional use, LinkedIn is also a powerful B2B marketing tool. If your client offers B2B solutions, connect with business owners and other corporate decision-makers on LinkedIn




TikTok is a relatively new platform that has become one of the most active social sites today. Here you can create different types of short video content to market your brand. Tutorials by other users make it very easy to catch up to the best production strategies too.

Use TikTok to get a lot of traffic to your brand. Try to beat the algorithm and create trending content to gain more audience for your brand.



social media platforms snapchat

Snapchat is a unique platform that focuses primarily on content based on real-time events. As the pioneer of the Stories feature on social media, Snapchat still has a lot of users. The current audience base is made up of a younger age group. If your client’s product or service is aimed at a younger audience, don’t miss out on using Snapchat to grow your brand.

Publish short interesting videos and photos, “snaps” if you will, to gain traffic towards your brand. Maybe make a series that they will want to tune into on a regular basis. Snapchat is a great way to get in touch with a community that believes and supports your brand.



social media platforms pinterest

Pinterest is a really fun way to do social marketing. This is one of the many visual social media platforms that are available in the market today. Pinterest revolves around “pins” that go on “boards.” If you know about vision boards, you’ll find Pinterest boards very entertaining and smart. Pins on Pinterest are typically short videos or high-quality photos that offer a ton of information or entertainment in one viewing. Short texts that follow the title are also part of a pin.

If you find that people in your brand’s niche are on Pinterest, create content that they’d want to pin on their boards. This way, you are promoting your brand while starting an engagement with your audience. Also, remember to optimize your content so that it can show up to other people with similar interests.

Take a look at leading Pinterest boards. They’re either offering really great advice and tips to their followers or create stunning visual content for inspiration. Check out social media marketing, finance, tech, cooking, fashion, and design advice boards for strategic inspiration.



social media platforms reddit

Reddit is one of the many underrated social media platforms today. It’s popular as a discussion website for many different communities. Use this to market your brand by finding communities or subreddits that your audiences engage with. It’s a really great way to be in touch with your audience and get them to directly ask questions they want you to answer.

Reddit lets marketers discover their audience’s pain points, share articles and build on thought leadership, and also find topics they can create written content for. It’s also a great way to find people looking for recommendations, engaging with them and turning them into prospective customers.



social media platforms quora

Quora is another discussion site. It’s also another underrated platform for social marketing. This unique tool is one of the few social media platforms that give you direct access to your audience and vice versa.

Answer your target audience’s questions to build on thought leadership in Quora. You can also ask them questions so your brand can gain insight on how to better create value for its customers. Quora is a discussion platform, so make sure to engage in discussions to gain an audience here. When you give great answers, people will end up trusting your brand and support it. Your answers and profile will also become one of the top search results on Google if you are successful with using Quora.


social media platforms infographic

Marketing Brands on Social Media Platforms

When using social media platforms for marketing, always keep your audience in mind. Is your content relatable or interesting to them? Does it inform them well of the benefits and features you are offering? Are you not overwhelming them with your wordy infographic? Are your designs visually appealing? High-quality content builds engagement, and engagement gets your brand leads and sales. No matter which social media platforms you use as a virtual assistant, these questions should guide you on a regular basis.

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