Real Estate CRMs for Virtual Assistants

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What are CRMs and why do you need to know them? In every business, CRMs are important because they have a huge role in connecting your client with customers and leads. How can we connect with customers and leads? Real Estate CRMs for virtual assistants help organize lead lists and generate tasks on how you should follow up with leads next. By having optimized schedules and prioritizing tasks to make sure customers are contacted on time, CRMs can help any business grow. They can help sales agents and virtual assistants create efficient systems for handling leads.

CRMs are a tool wherein all interactions and communications are connected to streamline processes and keep records of customers’ and leads’ information. This can help you easily organize and communicate with your clients. It is very easy for any organization to identify customers’ actual needs and help serve them in a better way. 

Virtual assistants and Real Estate Agents are enjoying the different CRMs tools that make their lives easier. It’s important as an aspiring virtual assistant, to be familiar or have experience working with these tools, as this will increase your rate of hire, and greatly help future clients you may have. Reading through the article can give you an idea of how these tools are used, and what tasks are associated with using them. Many CRMs below are made for real estate agents, but others (like DocuSign) are used across industries. 


Real Estate CRMs for Virtual Assistants

1.Follow Up Boss

One of the best Real Estate CRMs for virtual assistants is  Follow Up Boss. Follow Up Boss is a CRM that has an integrated system that can help you track past customers and new leads that come from your website, digital ads platforms and other marketing channels. Acquiring this data via a CRM like Follow Up Boss can enable a real estate agent or virtual assistant to call or email new leads faster, more conveniently, and more often. 

Searching customers’ names on the tool can generate a lot of information like past conversations through text or chat, so virtual assistants can track the historical information of the customer or lead. The main function of this tool is to follow up with leads and create more opportunities to nurture leads and push them along the sales funnel.



Firepoint offers a smart CRM that manages your entire customer life cycle and offers features to optimize your lead generation and track performance. The interface is user-friendly and has a lot of customization features you can use. 

This will be a great avenue for virtual assistants to properly monitor leads for their clients. Monitoring leads is important to keep track of all communications, organize leads, and follow-up with them. This can help you prioritize what’s important and focus later on other tasks.

Templates are used to make virtual assistants and real estate agents do their job easier. Templates can help sort, segment, and group leads with tags that make the most sense to you and your client, which can enable you to find them in seconds with searches and filters. 

3.Smart Zip

Smart Zip focuses on lead generation tools that have predictive information and bulk data to identify homeowners most likely to sell. This is what you call For Sale By Owner (FSBO). FSBOs are owners who are selling the property without any help of an agent or broker. The reason for this is to avoid paying the agents commission on the sale.

How does Smartzip work? It has an algorithm that generates data for more than 25 sources of listed homes with a higher chance to be listed for sale in a particular market.

A virtual assistant can easily help real estate agents to segregate and organize information about homeowners that want to sell their property. They will also be in charge of calls and consistent follow-up for scraping buyer and seller leads.



Mojo Power Dialer gives you up to 300 calls per hour with a multi-line dialer and up to 85 calls per hour with our single-line dialer. 

A special feature of Mojo is the 3-Line Dialer, which can easily categorize your calls as “none answer”, “do not call list”, and also “potential clients to call”. What is also good with this tool is it is not a voice-over-internet protocol, so it will avoid some issues like bad connections or dropped calls. It is a cloud-based system that is hosted and secured, which is more reliable and avoids bad connections.

VOIP (voice internet protocol) enables you to direct calls to your computer or mobile phones. It has no limit on calls and the coverage is global.

Mojo is easy to assign and track calls to your team, making it a great solution for agents, Inside Sales Associates, or virtual assistants making calls. This will help you, as a virtual assistant, track and schedule appointments easily for leads and teammates.


Zillow offers end-to-end service that has a variety of demands on real estate properties in purchasing, renting, and financing. The tool also focuses on buy and sell transactions across the country. It has home loans and lenders that can benefit customers to get approved easily for their next purchase by having pre-approval and bank financing.

This tool will help a virtual assistant by researching, planning, and optimizing work efficiency and quality. This also helps you understand what zip code you’re targeting and the type of buyer and seller you will deal with. 

For buyer leads, seller leads, and specific local zip codes this is the best tool for real estate agents.



Ringcentral is a business communication system that provides conferencing, online meetings, and collaboration. RingCentral enables collaboration by having groups that can connect all employees on a team to see updates. 

This can help you organize a group chat on different tasks or events so you easily can monitor different tasks that are assigned to you. It’s effective because as a virtual assistant, you will be assigned large workloads and will need to properly communicate and multi-task. You can communicate through text or video conferencing and meet with your team members to collaborate on specific tasks and projects.

7.Vulcan 7

Vulcan 7 gives you the ability to fully manage your leads. It will give you advanced search optimization on their multi-listing services so that leads can be targeted daily. Not only that, but you can also import and export existing personal databases with efficiency in addition to the feature of a power dialer that you can use in calling leads.

This tool helps with expired listings, for sale, and community search. Expired listings occur daily. What the tool does is update automatically and organize between expired and fresh leads. This way, virtual assistants can track past leads and current leads easily. For sale listings, Inside Sales Associates would close a deal or create potential leads. Lastly, community search focuses on the freshest data. Whatever it is you need, be it a single address or a whole bunch of contacts, Vulcan 7 promises ease of use and updated data.


Mailchimp is an all-one platform that helps you communicate with customers, clients, and interested parties. It focuses on data analysis, designed campaigns, and contract management practices to help improve email marketing.

Virtual assistants can use Mailchimp in the following ways:

  • Create email marketing campaigns for leads and customers
  • Make email templates to keep branding consistent
  • Utilize automation and segmentation features to personalize the customers’ email experience

These are common features of Mailchimp that can help virtual assistants be efficient and help their clients increase their online presence.



Landvoice provides a phone number for potential leads that automatically upload to your autodialer. It also has a special feature that has “do not call numbers” too. What is nice in Landvoice is that the numbers that are acquired are always the right numbers. And the status is always updated so you don’t need to check on your multi-listing services.

You can learn and create more potential leads because it has accurate numbers that will allow you to get in contact with leads. The tool can compare and correct numbers with your expired and canceled listings. This tool can help virtual assistants create more leads and track leads turning into customers.



Boomtown uses sales solutions for real-estate industries. It has customization for lead generation on the website. It can track and nurture leads so you can monitor sales and your team.

The top features can help virtual assistants and real estate agents be more efficient. You can use the platform for contact and account management, store and retrieve information on your client’s contacts and properties, and easily recover communications of past leads. Manage listings, edit and update property listings from within the system, and integrate data across multi-listing services and real estate listing services. Lastly, email marketing has pre-built email templates, social media integration, subscriber list management, sign-up forms, and success rate reports.


Brivity is an all-in-one platform to close more deals and generate leads. It automates 50% of your daily tasks into lead capture and transaction management.

Benefits of Brivity:

  • Unique property websites
  • Action plan templates
  • Advertising plan templates
  • Team management
  • Client portal

These benefits can help virtual assistants work efficiently and save more time for more tasks to accomplish. 

One of the benefits that virtual assistants can implement first for their clients is the client portal. The portal will allow them to monitor the complete or ongoing process. It will show their new listings in the multi-level listing services. In this way, your clients will be assured that processes are correct and working efficiently.


Cinc is a platform that focuses on customer engagement and follows up with leads for better results. Cinc also focuses on brokerage tools including the agent’s accountability, for easy access to calls, email, and text contacts. Cinc has also integrated multi-level services where you can monitor contacts looking at homes. Lastly, they added the ability for clients to schedule video walkthroughs and virtual open houses. 

A virtual assistant can market and advertise tests that constantly run to collect data and keep leads’ contact info updated. This is helpful so you can know what potential leads are not engaging.



Redx focuses on expired listings in multi-level listings. Expired listing means a property has not been sold yet on the stipulated contract between the listing agent and the seller. Each listing has its status like active, expired, or withdrawn. Real estate agents are the ones who are in charge of changing the status on the multi-level listings site.

Redx Storm dialer can quickly call the lists. The vortex lead management is where you can see all the leads and make notes on the prospects you are calling. This tool can give an advantage to virtual assistants so they can backtrack all of their leads, fresh or expired. 

Leads are the potential clients of real estate agents. Expired leads are the ones who are not interested. These leads are stored in the vortex manager where you can still try to interact with past leads for the chance they will change their decision.


Espresso is a platform that focuses on a dialer that specializes in marketing and real estate lists. It includes email marketing that has great customer relationships to send out videos, emails, drip campaigns, and print materials. This can help virtual assistants have more engagement with their clients by sending short videos that show appreciation.

In terms of call accuracy, Espresso ranks first compared with its competitors. So if you’re starting as a virtual assistant, making cold calls and using espresso is a good way to start.



Dotloop is a web-based service that focuses on organizing documents for a property they call loops. It is a complete transaction management solution that empowers real estate professionals to do their best work by editing forms, sharing files, e-signing, and ensuring compliance.

A virtual assistant can help real estate agents with three processes. Transaction template is one of the processes that can save you time in communicating with clients. It’s completely user-friendly. You just need to match the template to the scenario or transaction. The second will be workflow. As a virtual assistant, you can determine the sequences in a given scenario. Every workflow has its guide and steps. Lastly, branding showcases or empowers your company. This signifies what your company is all about. Creating a good brand can give a huge impact on your clients or agents.



Docusign uses digital forms to send, sign, and manage confidential documents securely in the cloud – they manage digital transactions. This tool is helpful for our agents and virtual assistants because of its convenience and hassle-free transactions. A virtual assistant will be double-checking the information of the legally binding documents to avoid any problems and sending them to new customers.


Real Estate CRMs for Virtual Assistants


Real Estate CRMs for Virtual Assistants – What’s the Bottom Line?

The most commonly used Real Estate CRMs for virtual assistants are helpful in each aspect of business operations. They are user-friendly and created to automate business systems to help and real estate agents and other business professionals. To know more about these CRM’s you can read Real Estate CRM’s and Benefits of CRMs on Customer Relationship

At Virtudesk, we provide great training programs on how to use Real Estate CRMs for virtual assistants. Our training program is free with allowance and is given before you start interviewing with potential clients. If you are interested in applying, learning these CRMs, and working in real estate (or even other areas of business), then fill out this application form to become a virtual assistant at Virtudesk!

If you are hesitant to become a virtual assistant, learn the benefits of working from home.

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