Qualities Of A Competitive Virtual Assistant

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The qualities of a competitive virtual assistant entail a comprehensive process of gaining skills and applying them simultaneously to provide quality results for a client. Needless to say, these qualities can range from your approach to tasks at hand up to developing a character to get through everyday challenges of working independently.

As what Howard Cosell had quoted,

“The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.” – Howard Cosell

We are hoping that those who will read this article would nod their heads in agreement – and for those who are planning to start a work-from-home career would know what is coming up ahead! We have enlisted below the top qualities that are essential to guide and help you achieve them one by one.

Good communication skills

You are expected to establish a ground as to when and how you will be updating your client on each task you do. More so, keeping them in the loop on the status of the projects you are working on should be done to set the expectations properly. Remember, your client would need you to be as visible as you can.


You may be asked to do things you have never done before and will be expected to complete them. Some clients can give you instructions to accomplish the task, others may tell you to conduct a research about it. This may be due to them not being familiar with it or they are too busy to discuss the details. Do not fret. Google is there for basic and technical questions you may have. You need to map out a research plan and pace yourself in finding the content you are looking for. Should you have a coach you can easily reach out to, then never hesitate to ask help from them.


This is one of the most important key attributes for one to be a competitive virtual assistant in this industry. Clients are looking for an assistant to make their lives easier and their business processes more productive. That means you need to meet your deadlines and ensure to submit your works on time.


Working independently may sometimes lead to having to miss others around and feel a little bit lonely. As this may be the case, finding ways to motivate one’s self can help overcome the situation.

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