Lead Generation Strategy for Virtual Assistants

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Having a lead generation strategy is an advantage to any business. This means they are working efficiently, and have a better chance at gaining what they need to scale. Lead generation strategies produce an understanding of how one’s target market behaves and responds to invitations to check out a business. It counts how many people can show interest in a business or submit their information to it. A highly effective lead generation strategy requires a great understanding of one’s target market.


What is Lead Generation?

In business, a lead is someone who takes an interest in your product or service. They may be an individual person or someone who represents a household or a formal organization. In the process of conversion, the goal is to have the lead become a prospect, and the prospect turned into an actual customer. Successful conversion means a sale has been closed, and the company makes a profit.

Lead generation is a collection of actions and plans that revolve around enticing prospects to finding out about your product. This includes publishing the product’s value proposition, marketing one’s brand values, highlighting unique benefits, sending messages to clients, and a lot of other activities. Lead generation activities are commonplace for virtual assistants.


Why Businesses Need a Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation is one of the most valuable revenue-generating activities for new companies. This is the first step towards making the revenue needed to support and scale the business. Successful lead generation manifests itself in having a great pool of leads or potential customers. A great lead generation strategy plays to your advantage to make sure that the leads you have are of a higher likelihood of converting. 


Lead Gen Virtual Assistant Strategies

The following section is a list of simple, but effective ways virtual assistants can use to generate leads. Use them to help your client increase their number of qualified sales leads and their revenue.


Create Lead Magnets

In the field of marketing, a lead magnet is a compelling instrument that lets people enjoy the value of your brand or service for free. This happens through an exchange of information, usually their contact details. Lead magnets can be free samples, trial subscriptions, e-books, PDF guides, etc. The key here is to provide a lot of value that your customers would be interested in and be willing enough to provide their contact information. Effective lead magnets become a great driver of lead influx. An advantage of using lead magnets is that your customers also expect you to get in touch with them via email or a call once the trade has happened. If you’re able to successfully evoke a sense of interest in your customers, chances are they will have a high likelihood of converting.


Personalize Emails

Whether you’re working a mailing list, or sending individual emails, personalizing them can provide great value for your business. Personalizing emails lead to higher open rates and click-through rates on email blasts. This means your email marketing efforts are more likely to be appreciated by your clients!

Start personalizing emails with the name of the recipient. Segment your customers and format, design, and write emails accordingly. You can also try signing as a representative of the company instead of using the company’s entity to make it more personal. If you have the resources, you can also create separate landing pages per customer segment. Personalization isn’t just in the greeting section of the email, it’s keeping your customer’s experience in mind as you prepare your emails.


Use Content Marketing

If your client uses social media, you can also incorporate it into your lead generation strategy. Lead-generating content is made with relevant content and a compelling call to action. Consider scheduling posts that provide great value to a certain segment. That already has points for personalization. When you have a great call to action that compels them to engage with your post, you’ll have an even higher chance of generating a lead.

Visual aid is also great at making content more enticing to customers. Visual aids offer an opportunity to contribute to your brand’s presence as you incorporate your brand kit’s rules. You can create lead-generating content that asks for your audience’s information, or one that encourages your audience to share and help you widen your reach.


Actively Work A Call List

You should also spend time working your way through a call list. Have some contacts that need an introduction or following up for your business. Making prospecting calls will always be a viable lead generation channel. Allot some time in your week or month for just working on your call list. Spend a few hours a week just making calls and booking appointments. While you wait on your lead magnets to catch on, call your prospects too for an immediate response.


Prepare Scripts

Scripts will always be helpful. They help phone and field reps stick to key statements that highlight your product’s key benefits. Make effective scripts by listing down the things you need to highlight when talking to customers. Design the script with your audience’s personality in mind. Even better if you prepare scripts per customer segment. Again, in lead generation, personalization is powerful. Seasoned agents may not need scripts, but it’s still advantageous to your entire team if they have a script to refer to.


Use Digital Ads

Digital marketing has provided avenues for businesses to reach audiences more strategically. With audience filters like LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences, you get to run digital ads that are designed to a very specific audience. This could drastically change your clickthrough rates and conversion rates. Run digital ads on every platform your audiences use to reach your leads faster and more effectively.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is another strategy you can employ in combination with other strategies you may already have. Especially in content marketing, SEO lets you rank your content higher in search results. You can do it for every Tweet, blog post, video description, and any online publication that has text. Search engine optimization doesn’t just work on your content but also impacts your overall online presence by building on your website’s credibility. If your page ranks higher, your audiences are more likely to click on your lead magnets, share your content, and become loyal customers.

Optimize your content with tools like SEMrush and Google Search Console. Find keywords relevant to your audience and populate your content with original, valuable content to gain more credibility and site authority, this will drive up organic traffic to your website.


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Lead Generation Strategy for Virtual Assistants

As a virtual assistant, you can employ these simple lead generation techniques to help your client gain more clients and customers. The best part is it won’t overwhelm you as some of them can be done quickly, like calls, while others you just slowly build on over time (SEO).

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