5 Tips to Handle Virtual Assistant Interview Questions

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Virtual assistant interview questions are just like any other job interview question. Your employer or client just wants to know more about you and the value you can bring to the team. If you’re up for an interview, that already means you have a competitive edge that makes you a desirable candidate. The next thing you have to do is pass the interview. Here are 5 tips to help you handle virtual assistant interview questions that come your way.


Be Proactive

Tip #1 is to be a proactive candidate. Questions about the company commonly come up. Your job is to do your research about the company. Find out what you can about them and the value they bring to the market they serve. This will prepare you for questions like “Why did you choose our company?” or “What can you bring to the team as an individual contributor?”

Let the company’s background guide you to the right answers. Determine their strengths that you want to amplify, and the skill gaps you are able to fill in. Perhaps their struggle with social media is visible on their profiles, or you’ve heard about their amazing company culture. Doing research should give you insight into what kind of virtual assistant the company needs. Align yourself with the company’s goals and objectives at this point to show that you’ll be a great addition to the team.


Be Professional

Being professional during an interview goes beyond just dressing for the occasion and being polite. Prepare to answer formally and cordially. Research the right words and phrases to use when addressing specific matters. Identify talking points so you can communicate everything you want to during the interview. Make a list of important skills, and experience worth mentioning.

Find out how people from your client’s locale or company prefer to be approached. Watching mock interviews could be a helpful way to learn more about being professional and cordial during an interview. If you can, ask a friend to interview you so you can rehearse answering questions. This activity prepares you to be more relaxed during the real interview, so you can be less nervous and more attentive and comfortable with answering the virtual assistant interview questions that come your way.


Be Honest

The need to impress the other party is inherent, but you shouldn’t have to be dishonest. Seasoned interviewers will notice when you do this. Be honest with your responses so you can go into detail about your strengths. This will prove to your interviewer that you are truly capable of doing what your resume says. Your level of comfort and familiarity with what you’re talking about in your responses adds to your credibility.

If you’re having trouble finding out what to talk about, take online assessments that help users find out their strengths and weaknesses. This will guide you on which key talents to talk about, and what areas of improvement you can mention during the interview. You may also read about real-life skills you already possess so you can present your personal strengths much better.


Be Assertive

Go into the interview with the right attitude. Remember to promote your strengths during the interview. Sell your skills and services well by frequently mentioning what you’ve done in the past. Have a positive attitude toward the learning curve that may be presented to you. Offer sample solutions to industry-level or company-specific problems you have learned from your research.

Talk about yourself positively, but with humility. Be assertive. Speak with confidence and clarity without being arrogant. Most of all, be enthusiastic without being aggressive. You want the job, and you know you have what it takes to be good at it. Approach the interview with empathy and constantly consider how the other person feels. Being professional also means you can ask for what you want without demanding. Being assertive means you communicate your reasons for applying while generating a genuinely positive impression from your interviewer.


Ask Questions

During the interview, you shouldn’t be the only one giving answers. Prepare questions prior to the interview and ask them when prompted. Towards the end of the interview, ask your questions. Take it as an opportunity to also learn more about the team and company you are applying for. This helps you decide if you can honestly be a great fit for the company, helping ensure your career’s longevity and development.

Asking questions also lets the other person know you are genuinely interested in joining them and are concerned about delivering valuable service. This also lets them gauge how prepared you were for the interview, which gives them more insight into your work ethic, and the things that matter to you in developing your career.


Answering Virtual Assistant Interview Questions

Your client or the hiring manager want to gain insight regarding your probable fit with the company’s culture and professional needs. Prepare yourself to elaborately describe your strengths and experience. Virtual assistant interview questions aren’t there to challenge you, but to help you come up with the right answers that match your strengths with your client’s needs.

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